Empaks multipurpose Polythene film is commonly used in Landscaping and list up to 125m.



Width (mm) Length (m) Thickness (micron) Colour
1000mm 100m 125 Black
2000mm 100m 80 Black
2000mm 50m 125 Black
2000mm 50m 250 Black
4000mm 50m 80 Black
4000mm 25m 125 Black
4000mm 50m 125 Black
4000mm 25m 250 Black
4000mm 50m 250 Black
5000mm 50m 125 Black
1000mm 100m 125 Clear
2000mm 100m 50 Clear
2000mm 100m 80 Clear
2000mm 50m 125 Clear
2000mm 50m 250 Clear
4000mm 50m 50 Clear
4000mm 50m 80 Clear
4000mm 25m 125 Clear
4000mm 50m 125 Clear
4000mm 25m 250 Clear
4000mm 50m 250 Clear