CocoMax® Grow Bags

CocoMax® Grow Bags are available in a variety of mixes to suit different crop requirements. Growers using our specially blended mixes have seen excellent results in comparison with other substrates. CocoMax® Grow Bags are easy to handle and easy to re-hydrate.

We have used our expertise and years of experience in producing Grow Bags to develop the optimum product, which gives growers peace of mind when using our Grow Bags. We provide full technical support and advice to growers.

CocoMax® use research & continuously analyse the root growth and plant performance with the different grades of CocoMax® Grow bags. CocoMax® Grow bags improves the drainage and aeration by adding different ratios and layers. This enhances the vigorous root growth and penetration.

CocoMax® is a washed**  quality coir. We have an extensive range of grow bags, open top planter bags and Coir chips mixes. We assist in product developments for various plant applications.

CocoMax® Coco Peat have a R&D department and highly experienced staff. The manufacturing strength is matched by its stringent quality control process. From the procurement of raw coco peat to finished product, a strict quality inspection with Total Quality Management System (TQM) & Lean manufacturing systems ensures that the customers received nothing but only the best quality Coco Peat.

Our Coco peat is washed, dried, sieved, screened and graded before processed into various coco peat products for horticulture and agricultural applications and it stands out to be a multi-purpose soil conditioner.


** Buffering available on request



Product Code Description Size
7175096 CocoMax® Cucumber/Raspberry Bags 70/30 8 litre
7175126 CocoMax® Blueberry Bags 90/10 30 litre
7185003 CocoMax® Tomato Bags 5-Hole 1 metre
7185004 CocoMax® Strawberry Bags 8-Hole 8cm x 1m
7175127 CocoMax® Strawberry Bags 8-Hole 12cm x 1m
7175066 Eggshell Drainage Mats Black 300 x 300mm x 25mm high