TEC Mat® Jute

TEC Mat® Jute Mesh is 100% organic and is the traditional erosion control blanket used to protect soils in areas exposed to wind or high rainfall.

The heavier grades of TEC Mat® Jute are also used as weed suppressants, while the lightest grade (TEC Mat® Jute – 280gsm) provides an ideal media for seed germination as it protects the soil from erosion while still allowing the seed to grow through the matting. The innate characteristics of “moulding” the ground allows TEC Mat® Jute to reduce moisture loss from the soil that aids the desired growth of the plants.

It has a life expectancy varying from 6 to 24 months depending on grade and climatic conditions.

TEC Mat® Jute Mesh is a biodegradable open weave erosion control mesh suitable for short term erosion protection to batters and open drains. Jute Mesh helps retain moisture and allows water and light infiltration to encourage vegetation growth.

Ideal Usage:

  • Slope protection
  • Roadside shoulders
  • Drainage areas


  • Hydroseeding
  • Seed and Bitumen emulsion spraying



Product Code Description Width (m) Length (m) Grams per m2
6410008 TEC Mat Light 2m 50m 280gsm
6410010 TEC Mat Medium 1.83m 25m 450gsm
6410012 TEC Mat Heavy 1.83m 25m 750gsm
6410014 TEC Mat Heavy 6/Slit 1.83m 25m 750gsm
6410004 JuteMesh Soil Saver 1.22m 549m 500gsm