Root Guard

Is a semi rigid black medium density polyethylene sheet used for prevention of root problems.

Root Guard is designed for the protection of sub surfaces including paved areas, foundations or water features and the foundations of building and roads.

Made from UV stabilised, black medium density polyethylene. Root Guard is specifically engineered to be an impermeable barrier that deflects roots away from the protected area.

Polyfabrics Root Guard is a cost effective way to prevent root and moisture problems.

Root Guard is a solution to prevent what could be potentially very costly tree root damage to pavements and other infrastructure.


Ideal Usage:

  • Sub surface protection i.e. pipes
  • Protection of paved areas, foundations or water features
  • Containment of roots in the streets and foundations of buildings and roadworks.


Product Code Description Width (m) Length (m)
6113024 Root Barrier 0.45m 50m
6113027 Root Barrier 0.6m 50m
6113029 Root Barrier 0.9m 50m