Perfect for fruit and vegetable nurseries, outdoor plant and crop protection, or for providing shelter from the wind and sun for pets, livestock, or crops. WindStop® can also be used as a shade cloth, playground wind protection, or privacy screening.

Polygro knitted windbreak shelter cloth offers protection from the damage crops can suffer due to strong winds such as wind rub and burn, frost and hail. Strong winds can limit the productivity and quality of your crop by breaking branches, lacerating flowers and leaves, bruising the fruit, or causing it to fall before it is ripe. Our shelter cloth deflects wind and provide a safe zone of reduced wind, reduced erosion, and reduced moisture loss.

WindStop® is a 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament net with UV stabilisers, a lockstitch knit, and reinforced selvedges with eyelets. The result is a stronger, longer-lasting, easy to use windbreak that can stand up to harsh Australian conditions.