HailStop™ Hail Net

Polygro hail nets offer protection from hail with a system that is both safe and economical. Our nets have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and virtually eliminate any risk from hail while also providing very light shading protection.

Various other widths, lengths and weights are available on a made to order basis.



Product Code Description Width (m) Length (m) Grams per m2 Hole Size Colour
7120006 HailStop™ Hail Stat Net 6.5m 200m 80 GSM N/A White
7120062 Quad Net 13m 350m 60 GSM 16mm Grey
7120015 Quad Net 15m 350m 60 GSM 16mm Grey
MTO Quad Net 10m – 18m 100m – 400m 95 GSM 13mm Any Colour

Note: MTO product requires a minimum of 3000kg production. Can manufacture between 1000kg – 2999kg with a surcharge of $1000.00. No manufacturing under 1000kg.