Crossover Net

Predominantly used for hail and bird protection, Crossover net is also suitable for permanent structures over pip fruit, vineyards, kiwi fruit, apple and cherry orchards. Its wide widths and stretch make it more suited to permanent structures than narrower width nets. Crossover netting provides an advanced degree of protection from hail storms, birds, and also creating an enhanced micro-climate.

Polygro Netting Features PDF Cover
Polygro Netting Features [PDF]



Product Code Description Width (m) Length (m) Grams per m2 Hole Size Colour
7120062 Crossover Net 13m 350m 60 GSM 16mm Grey
7120015 Crossover Net 15m 350m 60 GSM 16mm Grey
7120016 Crossover Net 20m 300m 55 GSM 25mm Black
MTO Crossover Net 10m – 18m 100m – 400m 95 GSM 13mm Any Colour

Note: MTO product requires a minimum of 3000kg production. Can manufacture between 1000kg – 2999kg with a surcharge of $1000.00. No manufacturing under 1000kg.