We supply and install all types of Polytunnels and table tops to suit your growing needs.
Polygro is the sole Australian agent for Elite Tunnels Scotland UK.

Elite’s Spanish Polytunnels offer superior control of plant and crop production
earlier or later depending on requirements – because plants are not exposed to
the elements.
This system is also popular for use as a shade net structure and is available in multiple or single spans.
Polytunnels are suitable for producing:
soft fruit | stone fruit | vegetables | flowers | herbs

We also provide a full range of tunnel house films that are
sourced from RKW Hyplast Belgium.

Polygro table top production considerably reduces the labour input necessary for
crop field preparation, therefore reducing overall costs. Table top production also
provides a hygienic in-field environment and optimal growing conditions for your
Optional extras:

available in leg spacings to suit individual requirements
Tunnel widths: 6m — 9m
Choice of polythene film or shade net.For all enquiries please contact James Downey: 0400 893 250.

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