Our range of Synthetic P.P. horticultural twines are mainly intended for Vine tying, training and to support a range of vegetable and fruit crops such as Kiwi Fruit, Hops, Apples, Grapes, Tomatoes and Peppers. Available in a range of colours in both single strand and multi ended cops.
Additionally our natural Sisal twines are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Again available in various tensile strengths in both single and multi ended cops.

Product Code Description Colour Mtrs/Spool Unit Unit Weight
K0089000m Tomato Twine White 9000 Spool 6 kg
K009200 Kiwi Twine Nickel Nickel 4680 Spool 3.75 kg
K009201 Hop Twine Yellow 5000 Spool 5.5 kg
K009061 Horticultural Cop – 50 Ends Green 50 ends x 80 M Cop 3.6 kg
SISALCOP24X150 Sisal Cop 24 ends x 150m Sisal 24 ends x 150 M Cop 10 kg
SISAL12SP Parcel Twine Sisal 925 12/ carton 30 kg
TWKSU Sisal Natural Untreated Sisal 2,200 2 / bale 13 kg

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