BirdStop™ is designed specifically to provide a canopy protection over agricultural crops & deter birds from feeding or nesting.
BirdStop™ is best used when fruit reaches a certain stage of maturity. During this period, BirdStop™ either draped over the crop or used as a canopy will protect it from bird attack.

BirdStop™ is completely re-usable season after season if carefully
removed & stored. BirdStop™ has reinforced selvedges providing extra strength for handling on installation & retrieval, and a coloured centre line making it easy to determine the correct alignment & centring of the netting.

Polygro stocks hexagonal nets used in:

Drape net applications
Permanent nets used in stuctures – various colours, widths & lengths
Orchard net packs for individual applications – 5m & 10m wide black/white


High Density Knitted Polyethylene Monofilament
Throw-over bird nets
Permanent reinforced nets available to order
UV Stabilised—resistant to common agricultural chemicals
Available in white. Made to order in Black
Available in various widths & aperture according to application
Accessories also available


Increased crop yields
Resists fraying
Can be used in various applications: Fruit & vegetables, Vineyards Buildings & other situations concerning Occupational Health & Safety.

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