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BirdStop™ Brochure
BirdStop™ is designed specifically to provide a canopy protection over agricultural crops & deter birds from feeding or nesting.

BirdStop™ is best used when fruit reaches a certain stage of maturity. During this period, BirdStop™ either draped over the crop or used as a canopy will protect it from bird attack.

BirdStop™ is completely re-usable season after season if carefully
removed & stored.BirdStop™ has reinforced selvedges providing extra strength for handling on installation, retrieval & a coloured centre line making it easy to determine the correct alignment & centring of the netting.

Polygro stocks hexagonal nets used in

Drape net applications

Permanent nets used in stuctures
- various colours, widths & lengths

Orchard net packs for individual applications
- 5m & 10m wide black/white

High Density Knitted Polyethylene Monofilament
Throw over bird nets
Permanent reinforced nets available to order
UV Stabilised—resistant to common agricultural chemicals
Available in white. Made to order in Black
Available in various widths & aperture according to application
Accessories also available

Increased crop yields
Resists fraying
Can be used in various applications: Fruit & vegetables, Vineyards Buildings & other situations concerning Occupational Health & Safety.

Drape over Netting

HDPE Netting
Hole size 15mm Hexagonal Pattern
30 Gram per M2.
Width Size: 6,10,13,15,17 Mtr
Length Size: 300 Mtrs
UV Treated 15 Year Pro Rata Warranty.
Re-inforced selvedge 150 mm each side.
3 Blue marker alignment lines
Guide tags at every 10 Mtrs Applied
35 Gram Per M2 Also Available upon Request

Orchard Netting

HDPE Netting
Hole Size 15mm Hexagonal pattern
45 Gram per M2
White or Black
Width Size: 5, 10 Mtr
Bale Size: 100 Mtr
UV Treated 10 year Pro Rata Warranty
Re-inforced Selvedge 150 mm each side
1 Marker alignment  Line
Guide tags at every 10 Mtr applied

Orchard Netting Pre Packs

5 Mtr x 5 Mtr Pre Packs
5 Mtr x 10 Mtr Pre Packs
10 Mtr X 10 Mtr Pre Packs
White Only
Bar Coded

Quad Bird Net

HDPE Netting
Hole Size 25mm Hexagonal pattern
55 Gram per M2
Width Size: 20 Mtr
Bale Size: 300 Mtr
UV Treated 10 year Pro Rata Warranty
Re-inforced selvedge 1Mtr each side
Guide tags at every 10 Mtr applied

Bat Net

HDPE Netting
Hole Size 40mm Hexagonal pattern
30 gram Per M2
Width Size: 20 Mtr
Bale Size: 200 Mtr
UV Treated 10 year Pro Rata Warranty

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