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SunStop Shade Cloth
Erosion Control
Biodegradable Erosion Mats
Permanent Erosion Mats
Terrastop Gabions
Bamboo Stakes
Polygro Splice
Polygro helecoil splices are used to join cable wire.
The powdered glass helps provide a strong grip.
Splices to suit 3.15 HT wire, 6mm and 7.5mm cable wire
Pack Size: 100 splices per box

Polygro Netting Sleeve
Netting sleeve securely fastens top & side nets to your cable wire. Sleeves to suit both 6mm and 7.5mm cable wire.
Colour— White
Length – 40cm
Pack Size: 250 sleeves - 6mm, 250 sleeves - 7.5mm

Poly Link
Poly Links are a very strong but economical method of securing covers to trellis wire.
The links are made from a highly modified Nylon to ensure exceptional strength and makes it impervious to the problem of spray absorption.
They are easily applied with a pair of multi-grips or pliers.
Available in 23 mm Available in Black
Pack Quantity: 250

Polygro Gripple Wire Joiner
Gripples® are the no-fuss wire joiner and tensioner.
Size: Medium – to suit wire high tensile 2.00-2.85mm.
Pack of 100 joiners
Size: Jumbo – to suit wire high tensile 2.85-3.15mm.
Pack of 10 joiners

Timber Post Caps
No more nets tearing on posts.
These caps are UV stabilised and made from High Density Plastic.
The caps suit timber posts with a diameter of up to 180mm.

Polygro Cable Wire
6mm & 7.5mm cable wire is a strong high-tensile steel cable and is extremely flexible. The 7/2.6mm cable is manufactured from 1370 grade steel.
Reel size: 1,000m - larger reels available on request

Polygro High Tensile Wire
Top quality high tensile - Armawire. Manufactured by Prodac in Peru - 3xZn
3.15mmx1000m - weight 58kg

Polygro Anchor Pins
20mm diameter
Anchor pins for the timber posts when building permanent structures
2.1m long & 2.4m long available

Jute Tree ties
Biodegradable woven jute tree tie.
Roll size – 50cm wide x 33m 1 bale = 48 rolls

Weedmat Pins
Manufactured from mild steel.
These pins help to hold down all types of fabric in various applications.
Available in the these sizes:
- 3.15 mm x 150 x 150 U Shape 500/ box
- 4 mm x 200 x 200 U Shape 150/ box
- 5 mm x 300 x 150 J Shape 150/ box

Polygro Star Posts
Light high carbon steel post for general purpose fencing.
Star posts are produced to Australian specifications and dipped in a black bitumen coating.
Available in various sizes:
45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 135cm, 165cm, 180cm and 240cm.

Polygro Star Post Caps
Bright safety yellow .These high quality caps are designed especially for star posts. For security thread the wire thru’ both the star post and the cap.
Pack size: 40 per bag.

Polygro Reo Bar Caps
Economical standard yellow safety cap.
Prevents injuries.
Just push on to post.
Pack size: 100 per bag.

Butterfly Clips
A very strong high quality plastic fastening clip used for securing shadecloth to wire. Sandwich cloth between clip jaws, press firmly together.

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