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SunStop Shade Cloth
Erosion Control
Biodegradable Erosion Mats
Permanent Erosion Mats
Terrastop Gabions
Bamboo Stakes

Some of our rapidly expanding range are: * WeedStop weedmats, * Weedmat pins * WindBreak * BirdStop Anti Birdnet * HailStop Hailnet * Mulch Mat * Frost Protection * Jute Mat & Jute Mesh * SunStop Shadecloth * Tree Guards * Bamboo Stakes * Hardwood Stakes * Accessories

Generally our products are imported from Europe and Asia and where possible locally, as consistency in product quality is paramount.

We pride ourselves on quality products, customer service, reliable stock control, on time deliveries & long term relationships with our customers. Polygro is also committed to sourcing new innovative products for our industry. If you are looking for something specific—ask us!!!

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